ARCA Launches in Australia


The Australian Restaurant & Cafe Association has officially launched in Australia, as the Industry Association representing the Restaurant & Cafe Segment of the Accommodation & Foodservice Industry. 

The Strongest Voice for Restaurants & Cafes

The Australian Restaurant & Cafe Association (ARCA) is the strongest voice for the restaurant & cafe segment of the Accommodation & Foodservice Industry, representing a $64 billion sector that employs 450,000 Australians. We strive to become Australia’s peak hospitality body, representing more than 54,000 restaurants & cafes. ARCA is YOUR VOICE, will DRIVE CHANGE in the Industry, and will work tirelessly for YOU, as your Industry Association. 

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Dire casual job shortage in Victoria leaving applicants ‘ghosted’ by employers

An alarming number of people are being “ghosted” by employers amid a dire shortage of casual jobs in Victoria that has seen some hospitality and retail positions slashed in half.

EP#241 ~ What can we do to save Australian restaurants and cafes from disaster?

This isn’t just about $8 lattes anymore. This is about jobs, high streets filled with empty shop windows and the very survival of communities and our way of life. And Wes Lambert is just the leader, advocate and experienced passionate policy influencer who cafes and restaurants need fighting in their corner.

Afternoons with Michael McLaren on 2GB

Listen NOW to Australian Restaurant & Cafe Association CEO Wes Lambert CPA, FGIA, CAE, MAICD on Afternoons with Michael McLaren on 2GB (from 42.18) highlighting the challenges faced by the Restaurant & Cafe segment of the Accommodation & Foodservice Industry, and some outside the square solutions to help the industry to thrive. #aseatatthetable