Afternoons with Michael McLaren on 2GB

Listen NOW to Australian Restaurant & Cafe Association CEO Wes Lambert CPA, FGIA, CAE, MAICD on Afternoons with Michael McLaren on 2GB (from 42.18) highlighting the challenges faced by the Restaurant & Cafe segment of the Accommodation & Foodservice Industry, and some outside the square solutions to help the industry to thrive.

Feeds: Will Aussie cafes and restaurants survive?

Australian restaurants and cafes are grappling with the impacts of the cost of living, COVID, immigration reform, and wages, jeopardising their survival. Wes Lambert is the head of a new peak body, alongside Neil Perry and Chris Lucas, tackling these pressing challenges to sustain the $64 billion sector.


“The recent formation of the Australian Restaurant & Cafe Association, which plans to lobby the government on behalf of the industry, may be a good start, as long as it focuses as much on independent operators as it does on large restaurant groups.
Imagine a worid in which hospitality was taken as seriously as, say, mining, finance or industry.
It is one of our largest employers and strongest tourism draws, and yet operates without nearly the same level of government support as those other sectors.
There are so many reasons we all should work extremely hard to save this industry from the crisis it’s facing.”