Committee Membership

We aim to create a supportive retail ecosystem, advocating for big changes at a government level and unifying the industry by onboarding major retailers whilst remaining strongly focused on the needs of our SMB members.

The scale and diversity of our membership makes us unique in our impact. fronts and online stores, the ARA informs, advocates, educates, protects and unifies our independent, national and international retail community.

Good things happen when you partner with the ARA

In the spirit of true partnership, we tailor mutually beneficial models where we focus on partner synergies. We’re keen to understand what’s important to you, your business, brand values and objectives and how we can support each other’s purpose and mission.


As a partner, your brand will be aligned with future-focused decision makers and senior business leaders, from CEO’s, CFO’s, Operations, Marketing & Communications and HR Managers – all driving change across their business, spanning e-commerce, bricks and mortar stores, small businesses, franchising to large multinational retailers.

  • Align your brand with the leading retailer association in Australia.
  • Position your company as an industry thought-leader.
  • Launch a new product and showcase your experience.
  • Stimulate discussion and extend management thinking on issues that will improve the retail industry
  • Raise your profile, increase visibility and build awareness of your brand, products and services.
  • Engage with our retailer ecosystem – network and build new business relationships, develop new business markets and channels.


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